Een overzicht van projecten in de afgelopen jaren:


02/2017 – 07/2017: Project support

Company: Captive finance/lease company

Assignment: shift focus of Miles implementation project from development to implementation. Improve MilesRIA and MilesWeb performance. Create cutover plan

Achievement: Project refocused – implementation foreseen. .Improved MilesRIA by > 50%, MilesWeb by ~30%. Cutover plan including interface cutover created and handed over.


11/2016 – 01/2017: Scrum manager and developer

Company: Startup company

Assignment: Develop model for Mobility-As-A-Service including prototype based on Mendix development platform

Achievement: Model completed and presented to investors. Waiting for company setup


02/2016 – 10/2016: Project Manager

Company: Fleetcollective

Assignment: Process and information scenario, implementation plan and implementation quality assurance

Achievement: Processes implemented, systems developed and running


12/2015 – 01/2016: Consultant

Company: Captive finance/lease company

Assignment: Advise on revival of Miles implementation

Achievement: Project recovery implemented


2013 – 2015: Project Manager

Company: Bank owned finance/lease company

Assignment: Strategic and tactical decision support, project quality assurance and project coaching for new joined leasing venture

Achievement: Decision preparation, approach and scenario plan


2014 – 2015: Project Manager

Company: International universal finance/lease company

Assignment: Lead projects for development of business landscape, process architecture and application landscape

Achievement: Development of mobility approach (strategic) and impact analysis, requirements analysis based on new mobility approach and advise on business applications selection project


2012 – 2013: Project Manager

Company: Dutch local universal leasing company

Assignment: Moderation and solution of Top 10 process and information problems

Achievement: Major business issues solved


2010 – 2013: Project Manager

Company: Captive finance/lease company

Assignment: Development of implementation scenario Miles for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg

Achievement: ‘Process house’ development, implementation of Miles, implementation of Webmiles and quality gate development for implementations


2008 – 2010: Project Manager

Company: Dutch universal leasing company

Assignment: Business recovery after implementation of new leasing software and processes

Achievement: CRM implementation, Business Intelligence and Data warehouse implementation and Document management implementation and development


2005 – 2007: IT/Project Manager

Company: Captive finance/lease company

Assignment: Leasing software implementation in existing and in a new company

Achievement: Development project for dealer and customer frontend