Contact en relatiemanagement, off-line chat en beslissingsondersteuning, taakmanagement, workflowmanagement, planning, projectmanagement, documentbeheer, catalogi en handboeken, feedback- en ticetmanagement, interne en externe e-mail, mailingen, dienstenmanagement, vakantiedagenregistratie, vragenlijsten en inventarisaties, zelf bestanden kunnen aanleggen en verwerken. En dat alles voor jezelf en voor elke community waarin je actief bent.


Organize all-in domains

Try-out new and monitor processes Manage group calendars Automatically add relocations to your calendar

Connect persons to domains

Integrate private-, club- and business domains whenever helpful

Create and distribute favourites

Off-line chat on groups

Design templates for workflows

Define services for your customers

Share templates

Management of off-line chat (like managing deadlines)

Design templates for projects

Release services to your customers, including processes!

Save things to remember and process later

Integrated logging of your activities

Run projects

Manage lists

Link personal notes to anything

Publish information to ALL users

Run workflows

Set-up documents with chapters and items

Share notes on anything

Question-and-Answer features

Distribute tasks to persons or groups

Link documents like checklists, policies, descriptions to tasks and processes

Send mail

Remarks on domain applications

Manage slipping tasks

Define and use repeating processes

Receive mail

Process notifications on several issues (like overlapping meetings)

Track time used for tasks

Define and use progressive processes

Schedule mail to be processed in the calendar

Night information mail

Link and share documentation

Define multi-domain process dependencies

Automatically process incoming mail

Many user settings

Connect customers and users yourself

Manage fixed tasks, schedulable tasks, attention points and so on

Link mail to processes

Open selected data for external users

Secure data, not available to anyone other than the persons you authorize

Manage requirements for processes

Automatically start a process from an incoming mail

Enter frequently used commands by just typing words

Ownership on everything

Dynamically optimize and extend processes

Manage locations in your domain (like meeting rooms)

Advanced filtering

Version control on templates and documents Manage your calendar Manage geographical locations

Information for individual customers or for all customers